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How to install Android 12 on Galaxy J7 | Download Best Android 12 (crDroid 8.x ROM, LineageOS 19.1 ROM)

How To Install Android 12 On Galaxy J7

Most people think that how to install Android 12 on galaxy J7, and different types of questions come to mind whether to install ROM by yourself or not, or go to a mobile repair shop and get it installed by experts.

But you don’t need to go anywhere, with the help of this article, you can easily install Android 12 on your Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 at home without going anywhere.

You can also install Android 12 by watching the video, which you find below.

I will explain to you two different types of ROM and you can download and install any of them, downloading link is provided below. The first one is LineageOS 19.1 and the second is crDroid 8.x ROM.

What’s Not Working in crDroid 8.x Rom And LineageOS 19.1

LineageOS 19.1crDroid 8.x
Not all but some people are facing problems in adjusting the volume of a phone call.Phone calls can be buggy in general audio, the audio server also seems to crash.
For some users google play store is crashingFor some users google play store is crashing
The mobile hotspot is working fineThe mobile hotspot is not working properly

What’s Working in crDroid 8.x Rom And LineageOS 19.1

LineageOS 19.1crDroid 8.x
Video playback (HW/SW)Video playback (HW/SW)
Tethering via USBTethering via USB
Mobile dataMobile data
Tethering via WIFI and BluetoothTethering via WIFI and Bluetooth
much more…much more…

What Are The Difference Between crDroid 8.x Rom And LineageOS 19.1

The crDroid 8.x ROM is based on LineageOS 19.1, But both ROM has many similarities as well as some differences.

LineageOS 19.1crDroid 8.x
Battery backup is not good in LineageOS 19.1 it drains very fast, hardly it may last up to 6-7 hours for normal uses without playing games.But comparatively in the crDroid 8.x battery backup is good, it may last up to 20-24 hours without the use of any games.
The face lock feature is not availableThe face lock feature is available
ROM is working smoothly without any lagROM is working smoothly without any lag
Theme icons (Beta) are not availableTheme icons (Beta) are available
QR scanner feature is not available in the status barQR scanner feature is available in the status bar
Lineage separate settings options are not availablecrDroid separate settings are available with more options


  • Download all the needed files from the link below.
  • Your device must have an unlocked bootloader – Watch Video
  • Keep your device battery fully charged by at least or more than 50% to avoid occasional shutdown during the ROM installation process.
  • Before doing anything, please take a complete backup, if you don’t want to lose your important data.
  • This ROM is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy devices J700F, 700M, and 700H (2015) model and the J700T model also may support it, you can try it.
  • Make sure to install the supporting USB Drivers on a Windows PC, if not installed otherwise may be Odin won’t detect your device.

Full Guide – How to Install Android 12 on Galaxy J7

1. Download the Android 12 LineageOS 19.1 or crDroid 8.x anyone of them which you want to flash, and move the zip file including the Gapps into the memory card.

2. Install the TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 – Watch Video

Once the installation is completed the device will automatically reboot into TWRP recovery.

3. Select Wipe Cache, System, Vendor, and Data to format the device.

4. Flash the downloaded ROM file, and after completion then flash the MindTheGapps.

5. Once the ROM & MindTheGapps are installed then finally, restart your device and your device will be ready to use the latest and greatest Android 12.

Warning: Your warranty will be void after flashing this ROM. Please take a full backup before flashing the ROM. Do this at your own risk only. 
Jawedvt won't be responsible for any kind of data loss, damage or error that occurs to your device while or after installing the files or following this guide.
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For More Details Watch Video (LineageOS 19.1)

For More Details Watch Video (crDroid 8.x)


As we all know, the Galaxy J7, 2015 model is not receiving any official updates from the manufacturer. So custom ROMs are the best way to upgrade your mobile with the latest android versions and enjoy the latest features.

If you find any bugs in the above ROMs then let us know. That’s it, guys. I hope this article was helpful to you. For further queries, please comment below.



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